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The HP Holiday Rereading Marathon

Hello, fellow Potter-heads! Hope you're all having a wonderful Muggle new year wherever you are in the world!

I know, didn't expect to ever see us back again, did you? Vanished quicker than Death Eaters in a Vanishing Cabinet, didn't we?

Well, what better way to celebrate the holidays (and our re-Apparation) than being a part of...

The HP Holiday Rereading Marathon!

That's right! The idea is to kick-start this community by rereading the entire series--yes, you read right, the entire whopping series that we all fell in love with so long ago--over the holidays!

There aren't any rules this time about how much you should be reading at any given time, so feel free to read and pitch in to the community whenever you like. For the sake of agreement, I'm setting the target date to finish the series as January 31st. This gives you exactly one month to pwn this series (like the 7th book where Molly Weasley pwned...well, I'll let you finish that sentence yourself).

Oh, and I'm actually reading the series myself now (I just finished the first book--six more to go!), so I'll be updating stuff on this community and my own LJ regardless :]

So, to recap:
- Comment on this post and join in on the HP rereading fun starting on January 1, 2010 at midnight (in whatever time zone you're in)!
- Reread the series by (target goal) January 31st
- Keep us updated on your progress! I'll try and make daily or at least every-other-day posts with fun HP-related stuff for all participants to do and you can comment there
- Possible prizes for those who complete this marathon (any suggestions?)

Good luck, Potter fans, and happy new year!
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